What Does Warren Buffett Think?

What does Warren Buffett think about Reputation Management? Buffett Reminds His Top Managers: Reputation Is Everything.

Mr. Buffett reminds his managers among other things–that their top priority must be to “zealously guard Berkshire’s reputation.” (From: The Wall Street Journal Money Beat).

Reputation Monitoring PLUS Lead Generation


If reputation is that important to someone like Warren Buffett, what importance does it hold for you and your business?

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Do you value your reputation?

Want to know in near real time when someone online gives an unfavorable review or mention of you or your business?

This is the optimal time for you to interceed and try to fix the dissatisfaction before it is spread all accross the internet and causes you real financial harm.

Love to know when gives you a favorable mention or review on Yelp, G+ or other social media?

This is the optimal time for you to share your good reputation accross multipe social media accounts or even tradtional media through an optimized press release thus multiplying the effect of a good review or favorable mention.

Love to know when someone online is looking for a product or service in your specific locale that you provide?

With this kind of information you have the opportunity to immediately follow up with a red hot prospect before anyone else even knows they exist.

Now, after 18 monthis in development, an easy to use web based Software-As-A- Service(SAAS) instantly brings this type of information and more right to your phone, tablet or computer.

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